Imagining A Craps Game

Most people’s imagination is stronger than their willpower. Before they play, it is easier to imagine themselves placing the proper hedge bets, or taking their bets down when they win.

Sometimes, though, when the actual game starts, it is difficult to follow through. But what if people imagined things happening the way they want – a few seconds before they are supposed to happen? This is what is called Imagining – and you can Imagining yourself to greater profits if you use this tool in your craps play!

I used to have a lot of trouble with my win goal. Even when I was way ahead I would keep on playing, until I lost everything I had won – and then some! Now, before every roll, I imagine what will happen if a point rolls, a seven, a craps, or any other number – and what I could do in response. I go over this many, many times in my mind, so when the event actually happens, I am prepared for it, and my mind makes me do what I am supposed to do.

For example, if I buy in for $200 I give myself a $60 win limit. This means that if I win $60 I’ll leave the table and go do something else for a while. So let’s say I bet $12 on the 6 and $12 on the eight, and Imagining the results. If the 6 or 8 hits, I will see myself taking BOTH bets down and NOT press the winning number. (I used to press more things than most cleaners!)

I would actually imagine the 6 hitting and me telling the dealer, “Both bets down, please”. I did this many times until the shooter actually threw the dice, which was a five. Oh well. I went through the “both bets down” Imaginingsome more. Then, finally, when an eight hit, my mind was conditioned enough to actually perform the deed. “Both bets down,” I said.. The dealer looked surprised. “But sir, don’t you want to press the 8?” “No, both bets down”. Easy? Well maybe after I used it a few times. And remember my $60 win limit? I was expert at ignoring that. I’d get up to $100 and keep going. Why quit while you’re ahead? I just kept on playing until I lost every cent I had.

Now, though, if I won $42 and have another $12 6 and 8 bet riding on the shooter, I would again Imagining the scene. The shooter throws a 6 (or 8), and the dealer pushes $14 in chips to me. I will say “both bets down” and then “color.” I give the dealer my chips and walk away from the table, with a $56 profit. I did not say any actual words to myself. I imagined the whole scene happening over and over again, until it really did happen. My mind was conditioned and ready, so I took both bets down, colored out, and walked away!

You can imagineer your way to profits too! Just envision a plan for playing every time you gamble, and imagine that plan over and over in your mind until it eventually occurs. Your mind will be ready then to see it through. And when you actually do what you want to do, you’ll have more self-confidence – and more profits!

Remember – just picture what the end result of your play will be. See it happening many, many times in your mind’s eye. Then, when it really does happen, your mind will be conditioned enough to instruct your body. You’ll be playing confidently, profitably and joyfully – You’ll be imagineering your way to success!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!

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