Martingale Systems

Most people do not care for Martingale systems. They are simple systems, and ask you to double your bet every time you lose. This way, the theory goes, you will eventually recoup your loses when you win. If, for example, you are playing on the pass line with a $10 bet and big red (the seven) rears it’s ugly head, your next pass line bet would be for $20. If you lose again, the next bet would be for $40, then $80, then $160, then $320. If the table has a $500 limit (done specifically to discourage Martingales), you have to stop and take a $320 loss.

To win using this method, you would have to have a very large bankroll and play at a casino with no table limits. Or, you could try a modified Martingale system, two of which are described below.

The first is a Don’t-Pass system. You bet one unit on the Don’t-Pass and instead of doubling when losing, you increase your bet one unit only. Then when you win, start decreasing your bets one unit until you are back at one unit again.

For example, if you lose the first two Don’t-Pass bets, your third bet on the come-out would be for three units. If you win, the next bet would be for two units. Then one unit. If you win again, stay at one unit until you lose again.

Another method is to bet on the field, again starting with one unit and increasing your bets one unit when you lose. The interesting part here is that you will eventually win on a 2 or 12 which pays at least double!

The advantage to using these modified Martingales is that you will be ahead, eventually, instead of breaking even. If, for example, your betting unit is $10 and you lose your first four bets ($10, $20, $30 and $40) you will be down $100. If you win your fifth bet ($50), you’re now down only $50. If you win the next four bets ($10 , $20, $30, and 40) you’ll be ahead $50!

Try these systems out on a computer simulator first, and see how well they work. Then go to a casino with low table limits and try betting $1 units. When you win $20, increase your bet to $5. When you win $50, increase your bet to $10 and really make some money! These systems are not for everyone, but they do have the potential of making a lot of money in a short time. Give them a try! And, as always, good luck at the tables!